9 Simple Home Improvements that will add enjoyment and value to your home

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As a Homeowner it can be easy to get comfortable with our surroundings once we have achieved the desired look for our home, and over time we can often miss the opportunities to keep the enjoyment factor as well as adding to the value of the property.

We have compiled our Top 9 simple but effect Home Improvements to help you achieve all round satisfaction:

1. First Impressions – Freshen-up your Front Door with a lick of paint or  maybe a new door.  This will add instant ‘newness’ and a more inviting feel when you get home.

2.  Change Cabinet Handles – Freshen up built in wardrobes or your kitchen cabinets with new handles or knobs.  There are so many options that will give your cupboards a make-over.

3. Kitchen Splash Back – This is possibly the quickest way to add a splash of colour and class to your Kitchen.  This process doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming as there are many options.

4. Bathroom Fixtures – Changing Bathroom Taps and your Shower Head can be an inexpensive yet effective way to enhance the functionality and modernise your bathroom.

5. Cool Breeze – You’ll be amazed how installing a Ceiling Fan can cool or add extra heat to your home without the need of bulky fans and heaters.

6. Bathroom Freshen up – Refreshing caulking and installing new Beading is not only aesthetically pleasing but can prevent leaks.

7. Kitchen Cabinets – Replacing the cabinet doors can bring any Kitchen up to date and change the feel of the whole room.

8. Fabulous Flooring – Replacing worn or stained carpets with Laminate or Pre-finished flooring is one of the biggest interior upgrades. This change may be one of the most costly but will have a huge impact.

9. Lighting Matters – Lighting is so important in creating a mood within the home.  Changing lightening fixtures, shades or adding additional lighting can really set the mood and highlight your homes features.

If you have thought about making any Home Improvements and need a team of qualified, trusted and fully insured Tradesmen, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have professional Plumbers, Electricians and Carpenters with years of experience so you can feel fully assured your home is in good hands!

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