Supporting the elderly with Handyman services.

Elderly Support

Supporting the elderly with Handyman services.

We understand how difficult it can be not to live close to the eldest members of the family and the guilt that can creep in when we know they need jobs carrying out in the home. Jobs can range from changing a light bulb to fixing a dripping tap, but left unfixed these small jobs can become a big problem for both the resident and the detiriation of the property.

Often our elders want to stay in their home and remain house proud but just physically aren’t able to climb a ladder or have the ability to carry out once simple jobs. Calling in a company to complete tasks throws up a whole new arena of issues, as we are now looking at trust, reliability, care and kindness for our family member as we want them to feel safe and secure whilst the tasks are carried out and to know their property is being taken care of.

Top 4 Tips:

Here we have compiled a list of our Top 4 strategies to help you to support your elders in maintaining their home whilst keeping them safe:

  • Consider teaching your Parents/Grandparents how to use modern technology so they can book services, research companies and even stay in contact with family and friends.
  • See if they live in an area the benefits from the government Handyman services initiative where they can get works carried out under the scheme. You can check this out by clicking here.
  • Think about hiring a regular cleaner to keep the house in order. This will be a great source of comfort for you to know someone is regularly attending the property but will also be a friendly face for your parent to look forward to.  This regular cleaning will eliminate many potential hazards and unwanted accidents.
  • Speak to neighbours and friends about companies they have used, as recommended services give us all a sense of security from someone we trust.

This government report outlines the benefits of Handyman services for the Elderly and the importance of keeping homes well maintained. The idea for having a reliable home maintenance company on speed dial is that there are a ton of small jobs around the home that can arise and leave the elderly feeling helpless.  Elderly men especially may be tempted to climb a ladder to change a bulb because he doesn’t know who to call for help.

Need a Handyman Service?

A local handyman service could help your folks age in a place they love while you concentrate on your own young family.  Check us out at to see if we operate in your area and put us on speed dial.

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